Jul 14, 2006 — Advice · Freelance

Work Advice of the Day

Do what you’re good at. It’s great if you can be dedicated and devote the time to learn something that comes difficult to you, but the rest of the world will be speeding by during…

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Jul 14, 2006 — Design · Web

MC Cycle & Sport Launch

MC Cycle and Sport is a project I’ve been working on for Myles Chase. The site is now live and will soon include cycling events and an image gallery.

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Jul 13, 2006 — Web

Gmail Request – Stickies

I would love for Gmail to have some sort of personal notes area for the collection of thoughts, ideas, and reminders that accumulate throughout a day. I constantly find myself sending an empty, self-addressed e-mail…

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Jul 11, 2006 — Life

Highlands Mountain, Past and Present

The family of one of my best friends used to own a New Hampshire ski resort called Highlands Mountain Ski Area. By the time my brother and I were darting on the slopes as kamikaze…

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Jul 07, 2006 — Conferences

It’s Conference Season

Travel tips I learned from RailsConf 2006 that could apply to any conference. Pack light. O’Hare airport, like many others across the globe, was enormous. Having to only worry about the bag on my back…

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Jun 25, 2006 — Conferences · Web

RailsConf 2006 – Day 2 Events

Day two rocked with some impressive speakers. Justin Ghetland spent his hour talking about Ajax on Rails and revived my interest in Javascript and Ajax. The presentation was a collection of examples like live search,…

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Jun 23, 2006 — Conferences · Web

RailsConf 2006 – Day 1 Events

The beauty of RailsConf is that you find yourself magically learning even when you’re not trying to. It’s tough to gauge personal progress when everyone around you is intelligent to begin with; there’s a tendency…

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Jun 22, 2006 — Conferences · Web

RailsConf 2006 – Guidebook

Started the morning off with a nice breakfast in bed; everyone has to try room service at least once in their life. Guidebook, an introduction to Ruby and Rails, began shortly after and was, like…

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