Mar 20, 2006 — Site News · Web

Another Shifting Creations Spotting

Design Melt Down is a design resource I found today, via one of my morning visits, Design View. Melt Down discusses current trends in the web design world, along with some other useful information. Interestingly,…

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Mar 08, 2006 — Web

Mozilla made 72 Million? Maybe not.

Interesting Technoogle post I’m sure many people read via Digg, claiming Mozilla made $72million last year. “The money comes from the Google Search box on the top right, when you search using that box and…

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Mar 06, 2006 — College and Internships · Life

By Request

Junior year is finishing up (this semester is shorter than the rest I think, right?) and has been… busy. Was selected for a web peer review awhile back to discuss the redesign of the Colby-Sawyer…

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Nov 29, 2005 — College and Internships · Life

Restless Minds

Peter Steese, philosophy professor, gave us our first assignment which was to go to the college library and see how many volumes of books were available. 10,000, we found out. The next class, he pointed…

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Nov 20, 2005 — Life

Dolly Coverage

If you weren’t cool enough to buy the May 2005 edition of Peterson’s 4-wheel and Off-Road, check it out here, Dolly made Reader’s Rides.

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Sep 19, 2005 — College and Internships · Life

Class Cancelled

Yep, today was mountiain day. Hardest part was finding the mountain; climbing’s the easy part. Good time, numerous almost-falls, which are often better than the successful face plant. Windmilling limbs, a school girl shriek, and…

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