It’s always a new update, the latest upgrade, more functions, features, plugins, themes, all sorts of things that appear innocent but inevitably capture my attention for hours. Tucking myself into bed has been replaced with routine morning crashes, sleeping half the day away and starting all over again that night… or day… what day is it?

I got out today, took a break from web design, blog, school, friends, enemies, everything. Wow, what a wake up call. When you always try and stay ahead of the game, when you plan and prepare for tomorrow so much that you’ve forgotten how to live for today, that’s when something’s gotta change.

I went to a local Gold’s Gym where they were having a power lifting contest. I knew about it from one of the guys I randomly see at our school gym; nice guy, he’s huge too. Not much to say about the event, it’s a room full of no-neck men lifting heavy objects, but somehow the simplicity of it all was beautiful. It was like the classic duel: Man VS Machine. Each lifter would get three chances and would have to either lift the same weight or higher with each round. To see these guys so determined, that crazy look in their eyes, veins bursting, skin taught like plastic wrap on arms bigger than my head; it was awesome. The task was easy to recognize: piles of plates are stacked horizontally on two ends of a bar that rests at your feet and your job, your purpose in life at that particular moment, is to lift those weights off the ground for a bit of time like none other, a short adrenaline-skewed ten seconds that will make you’re entire body sore for the next 3 days. I loved it, I needed to get lost in something other than work and watching a bunch of animals throw around upwards of 755lbs was just the ticket.

Off to bed; the thought of clacking weights and the crowd’s applause will have to due for tonight’s bed time story.