Nov 13, 2006 — College and Internships · Life

Perseverance is King

I’ve been known to advocate the importance of using your natural talents to propel you through life. Our innate strengths are often what we use most, mainly because they are the things that come easy…

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Sep 26, 2006 — College and Internships · Life

Home Stretch

It’s senior year. My room is a single the size of a double with space for way more crap than the Jeep could haul. Maybe next weekend I’ll grab the mountain bike and sneak in…

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May 02, 2006 — College and Internships · Life · Site News

What Gives?

It’s the last week of school, seven great days full of unforgiving finals. What’s new? This blog theme for one. It’s called “K2” and can be had at this site. It’s loaded to the gills…

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Mar 06, 2006 — College and Internships · Life

By Request

Junior year is finishing up (this semester is shorter than the rest I think, right?) and has been… busy. Was selected for a web peer review awhile back to discuss the redesign of the Colby-Sawyer…

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