It’s the last week of school, seven great days full of unforgiving finals. What’s new? This blog theme for one. It’s called “K2” and can be had at this site. It’s loaded to the gills with options and features, a tiny portion of them I’ve discovered tonight but do expect updates.

The portfolio end of this site is also undergoing a large transformation by, moi. The new layout boasts a liquid layout versus the current fixed edition, with some groovy new javascript including an implementation of the recently popular light box by Lokesh Dhakar. Also, expect much cleaner code, a beatiful thing all on its own.

As for the blog (picture a “you are here” sign), future plans include altering the appearance, of course, to match the soon-to-be new layout. Even more incredible, I’m going to get back to some good writing and (hopefully) consistent entries! Most will be updates to an upcoming internship and freelance work.

Speaking of which, I’ll be living on campus this summer, interning for XeniumGroup, focusing mainly on Colby-Sawyer College related projects and Ruby on Rails development. Word has it that if I do well, there could be a trip to the first Rails conference ever, hosted in Chicago, IL. (Rails Conference). Crossing my fingers.

Also, briefly mentioned before, I plan to maintain contact with all current clients and will be actively looking for more freelance work during the summer months. Campus living allows me high speed internet and the time to really work on a lot of things at once.

That’s all for now, it’s back to the grind and chiseling away at a handful of final projects.