It’s senior year. My room is a single the size of a double with space for way more crap than the Jeep could haul. Maybe next weekend I’ll grab the mountain bike and sneak in a few more rides before snow flies.

The freshman boys across the hall play their girly music all day, all night, and with the door open (quite annoying). It’s funny: when I turn up some Metal at room-shaking levels, their door magically closes and all is quiet again. Huh. They’re an odd bunch, very independent and surprisingly happy not making new friends during their first year of college.

Classes are good. There’s always the inevitable schedule conflicts and mad dash for supplies, but all is ironed out after a couple weeks. Photography is awesome so far and Visuals and Publications give me my dose of computer use. Modern Art History is one I could do without, but my BFA requirements say otherwise. Here’s a glimpse at a project I Photoshopped for Visuals. Burn, Dodge, and Smudge tools own.


I keep finding myself saying, “Yeah, that’s something I’d like to do next year at school.” Graduating hasn’t totally sunk in yet, I think because of the fact that finalizing sixteen consecutive years of schooling will be a major break in routine. One thing I won’t miss is setting up the room knowing it all comes back out in a matter of months. Working for money instead of grades, that too is a day I cannot wait for. Other than that, it’s good to be back with the computer set up and fast net. A lot happens in a year; I’ll do my best to keep this blog updated.