Ill Chicago weather delayed my flight 317 to Rails Conference 2006 by about 30 minutes; no big deal. I had the middle seat mid way into the plane, a teacher on my left and one of her 36 students to my right. The band of middle school rugrats and accompanying chaperones, totaling 50, were on their return flight from an adventurous exploration of select New England states. Notable events included Mt. Washington, Kancamagus Highway, Portsmouth, Kittery Trading Post, York, the Nubble, and a week’s worth of other attractions that I would consider “in my backyard.” What a small world.

Entering the O’Hare airport was like walking into another country with so many people that you could visibly see the different territories; a group of pilots in aviator attire briskly walking to their next flight; the gang of janitors with wheelbarrows of garbage bags; squads of security guards. A “travel triathlon” later (rolling suitcase dodging, NFL crowd weaving, and track runner walking pace), Wyndham’s 24/7 shuttle services carried me and a few other tourists to the hotel. Finally, I made it.

The room is pretty sweet, more than one person needs. Out my window hums a highway about a stone’s throw away with commercial airliners buzzing a few hundred feet above. I can see a plaza, a good place to stock up on snacks and necessities. I also set up wireless internet in my room through Wayport. After a few hours of up and down service and 4 phone calls later, I have both wireless and Ethernet access for one fee (originally separate), along 3 free days of access ($40) useable in the next 6 months. If you ever use Wayport during your travels, their all day and night call support is absolutely excellent.

Tomorrow is Guidebook, a pre-conference setup to get Rails installed and a gist of what is going on. Stay tuned.

edit: How could I forget? Amidst all the Wayport calls and hotel phone procedures, I somehow dialed 9-1-1 in the process. Security called the room within 5 minutes.

“Sir, do you need 911 assistance?”
“Mmm, no, not that I know of.”