The family of one of my best friends used to own a New Hampshire ski resort called Highlands Mountain Ski Area. By the time my brother and I were darting on the slopes as kamikaze beginners, ownership had passed a couple different hands and would again in later years.

Highlands was known for its cheap skiing and little regulations. There wasn’t a snowy weekend that kids wouldn’t bring shovels to build a terrain park or even cut new paths. “The Goat’s Trail” comes to mind, a windy crosscut with secret entrance through the half-pipe, into the woods, between branches, and off a 4 foot porch of an abandoned shack.

For awhile, around my high school years, the mountain was closed to skiing and laid dormant due to owner financial difficulties. Knowing each trail by heart, friends and I spent more than a few studyhalls hiking, biking, and four-wheeling what had become our personal playground.

Within the last few years, the current owners of Highlands have transformed the mountain into a downhill bike park. With added trails, obstacles, and revamped facilities, it’s great to see such a beautiful area come to life again. Check out the footage of what Highlands offers today and be sure to visit the website. See you on the trails!