Jan 19, 2007 — Web

Top Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Firefox being my choice web browser, the following is a list of extensions I’ve found most useful. Each image is linked to the corresponding extension install page. Enjoy and if you have any recommendations, feel…

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Aug 03, 2006 — Freelance · Web

Pragmatic Web Design

Web design is one of the few careers I know of where the client dictates so much of a project’s end result. On the one hand, it’s great to allow copious client input and really…

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Jul 14, 2006 — Design · Web

MC Cycle & Sport Launch

MC Cycle and Sport is a project I’ve been working on for Myles Chase. The site is now live and will soon include cycling events and an image gallery.

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Jul 13, 2006 — Web

Gmail Request – Stickies

I would love for Gmail to have some sort of personal notes area for the collection of thoughts, ideas, and reminders that accumulate throughout a day. I constantly find myself sending an empty, self-addressed e-mail…

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Jun 25, 2006 — Conferences · Web

RailsConf 2006 – Day 2 Events

Day two rocked with some impressive speakers. Justin Ghetland spent his hour talking about Ajax on Rails and revived my interest in Javascript and Ajax. The presentation was a collection of examples like live search,…

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