Feb 13, 2005 — Life

The Visit

I used to be afraid of getting old. I wondered, if not spraying mud in a big ol’ Chevy or traveling the countryside on a Harley, what fun could I possibly have. I went home…

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Feb 11, 2005 — College and Internships · Web

In a Flash

A few colleagues and I found LowMorale during my summer internship working for VCS. Amazing flash animations, not to mention, hilarious and fitting to the deskjob I had at the time. If you watch any,…

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Feb 09, 2005 — Life

Reasons Why I’ll be Rich… I Hope

The first week I had my new running shoes, the right sole began to separate (darn you, ADIDAS!). Out came the epoxy. Not long before, I was putting together a model car for one of…

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Feb 07, 2005 — Design · Web

Ask and You Shall Receive

I’ve had a few inquiries about good sites to find tutorials, Photoshop in particular, and decided to make this list for my own reference as well. Enjoy. Tutorials: Webdogpro Grey Cobra Pixel2life Bluesfear Spoono Photoshop…

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Feb 06, 2005 — Advice · Life

No Worries

A little philosophy I’m sure most the people I know have heard me say at one point or another; hopefully it can do some good for me now… If you know things will be good,…

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Feb 04, 2005 — Other

Gym Quote

The quote that seems to get me through a lot lately. Is this Ali? I know Adidias is flagging it around as their latest advertising campaign, but not sure who said it first. Inspirational, nonetheless……

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