Peter Steese, philosophy professor, gave us our first assignment which was to go to the college library and see how many volumes of books were available. 10,000, we found out. The next class, he pointed out that if we read a book a day for the rest of our lives, we would never be able to read every book, and that’s just one library. For the books you do read, choose wisely.

That was Fall of 2004. This past Thanksgiving break, it was clear to me that the same principles could be applied to nearly all that we do. Something as simple as thoughts and the amount of time and effort we devote to a given subject should be chosen as carefully as the books of a library. Spending too much time worrying will not only thwart productivity but is unhealthy and detracts from the time we could be solving the issue, rather than fretting over it.

Time is a funny thing; you can take it, spend it, even give it, but you’ll never be able to stop it. The best we can do is make the most of what time we do have and enjoy it.