Lately, writing has meant plugging in some headphones to drown the background and cover the sound of clacking keystrokes, but tonight I can’t find a song to match the tune of my thoughts. I’ve been back at school for a couple weeks now. Weekdays are pretty repetitive with just enough time to receive class work but never enough time to complete it. That’s where the weekend comes in, two days of reading, writing, and watching movies for mental breathers.

I’m already bored talking about this, never mind having to start it all over again tomorrow. I’ve left a summer of web design in an atmosphere that trusted me to get shit done. I’d spend 3 hours on the road driving to Hatchling for no pay because at the end of every single day, I left knowing more than I did that morning. The summer kept my mind occupied and I loved it. Tomorrow I’ll probably go to breakfast and hear more of how I “don’t know much” because I may not have taken the same courses at the kid next to me.

My father called today, I guess that’s where I was going with this. Just hearing his voice brings back so much; it’s funny how a 30 second call can remind you of a lifetime. My family, my past, who I am and plan to be, I’m proud of it all. I’m going to bed for now, taken for granted by some, and thought of by the ones who care.