Hatchling is keeping me busy. I’m usually the first one here and last to leave; the hours fly by. My whole goal before school ended was to secure an internship position that would a) allow me to learn and expand my web experience and b) end up with a product, something I can slap on my resume and say, “look, I did that. Check it out.”

It’s been less than two weeks and I already have a handful of webpages I can do just that with. Some sites were already created by Hatchling and I simply made maintence edits. Other times I’ve taken a layout that a colleague may have created and then populated the entire site, which entails all the code work. My proudest feat thus far is the redesign of Seacoastyoung which will be cropped, populated, and live within the next couple of weeks.

The guys are great here. The idea of what a “team” is and how it functions really comes to life amongst this group of talented, knowledgable, yet laid back individuals and I’m not just saying that for the heck of it. At other companies I’ve worked for, it often felt as though everyone knew their one task and that was it, the cubicle walls blocked them from the rest. It’s not like that here.

Anyway, this is running long and though my web skills grow each day, writing a program to stop time is something I still need to learn :) Take it easy. -A