Long week. Lots to do at school right now; it’s hard to be excited when none of the classes are of interest. I’m supposed to pick a major this year, which is like pulling teeth for a kid who does it all but isn’t an expert at any one thing. Not to mention, I’d rather be elsewhere.

I have this “wild” dream: to build my own house on some large plot of land with acres of green lawn in front and all the trees and four-wheeling trails I could ever want out back. To have enough yard to let the dogs run loose and not worry about them getting into the neighbor’s trash, because as deep in the outdoors as we’ll be, there won’t be neighbors. Notice I said, “we,” referring the family that I look forward to having everyday. What is life if not shared? What good is all the knowledge, all the money, in the world if it is not used to help someone else, to simply show you care? The greatest goal I have, the ultimate accomplishment I hope to fulfill, is to raise a little boy or daughter and teach them everything I know, give them the same great start in life I was fortunate enough to have. I love my family, more than anything, and simply put, they’re what I live for.

“Absolute backing,” is what I call it. When the days grow long, when I lie my head down at night and can’t sleep, I think of my family right now, I think of mom, dad, my gram and three brothers. I think of growing up and just all the things we learned, the trips we took, the love that all families should deserve to know. I’m picturing my father right now, this burly man, not real tall, but rugged, and with an unexplainable aura that lets you know the man could do no wrong. Dad’s an old fashion logger; he’s worked harder than most men can fathom and has more common sense than any library of books could wish to hold. I’ve never been grounded, put in a “time-out” chair, none of that stuff. When I or one of my brothers did something stupid, knowing that it would disappoint dad was the worst punishment of all. He would teach us so much too. Dad wanted us to learn on our own and figure things out but would always be there to help and just by working with him, we all picked up invaluable work ethics, education, and more. Such a knowledgeable man with so much to offer, the type of guy who can build or fix anything, and yet he’s always saying how he wants his kids to not be as good as him, but better. I know for fact that if I keep following the route, if I honestly try to do well and keep a straight line, dad will give the shirt off his back, a reassurance I am always grateful for.

I’m not sure where I was going with this; it’s late, I’m tired, and I spent the last hours of the day (yesterday at this point) in a dark drawing lab because I couldn’t find the darn light switch in the art building! School is uneventful right now, to say the least. I learn more on my own when I’m not in class, slightly discouraging, and I’d rather be with the latest addition to the family, my second niece almost two months young now. Some of the greatest things in life are the loved ones we have.