Social media bombards us with picture-perfect status updates from internet success stories everywhere (or so it appears). Most of these “influencers” tell us to follow our passion above all else, usually with an included Steve Jobs quote.

I don’t think it’s bad advice, really. Passion is a requirement to mastering anything and the world benefits from people who can perfect their craft. Not to be undervalued, however, are those willing to work tirelessly and relentlessly even when they don’t have their dream job.

Imagine a group of people — let’s say 50, to make it easy — decide they want to start a small town. Their first task is assigning roles to build and maintain the entire community. If 47 of those people raise their hands and say they want to be travel bloggers because it’s their passion, how well is that town going to run? How are the remaining 3 people going to become carpenters, farmers, doctors, and fill every other need?

The world grows with big thinkers but it survives with hard workers. Both are equally as important.

In an age where many people spend hours Photoshopping their profile photo, brushing out every pixel of authenticity, don’t feel guilty if your career isn’t perfect yet. Take pride in working hard.