Jonathon Snook wrote another great article the other day that really made me think about blogging’s usefulness, specifically the business potential. The writing topics for Shifting Creations have evolved since the start of 2005, beginning with more of a journalistic style about personal events and transforming into a sandbox for work plans and web ideas. One of the many benefits a blog can offer any business, particularly small teams or individuals, is the chance to display their work knowledge in an informal, comfortable fashion.

A resume, for example, is a generic, impersonal summary that contains limited information. A blog is often a regularly updated peek inside the methods of a business that may include the process for completed projects, current work focus, future goals, or other details that may describe their quality of work and subject command better than any resume or online portfolio. When beginning a client project, I will often recommend websites that are related to the project’s needs to help them better understand the tools and technologies we’ll be working with. I would say about 80% of the time it is a blog that I recommend. Think of any major web designer or developer and it is almost always their blog rather than portfolio that is well known and attracts the most attention. CompareĀ Zeldman to Happy Cog, Avalonstar to Revyver, or Adactio, Clagnut, or Andy Budd to Clearleft Consultants.