The first week I had my new running shoes, the right sole began to separate (darn you, ADIDAS!). Out came the epoxy. Not long before, I was putting together a model car for one of my brothers, obviously not about to follow the inferior instruction sheet. Two tubes of glue later and a whole lot of assembling, taking apart, reassembling, epoxy was there again.

I make posters, rather than buy them (and when you have Photoshop, why not?!). Tape on the other hand, is a bit harder to make, thus my band aid reserve has diminished as the amount of wall art increases. Hope I don’t cut my leg off; I think I’m down to floss.

Right before break, my computer fan would grind at start up and needed to be tapped a few times in order to spin true. Lessons to be learned: always buy ball bearing type fans, not the sleeved ones, and despite my original belief, dismantling the fan and applying lubrication from a condom will not solve the problem.

The last pair of boxers I wore had a hole in the front, right below the other hole that they came with.

My receipts from the gas station double as grocery lists, reminders, and drawing paper to sketch my ideas on.

I wear a sweatshirt almost every day during the winter, most with college logos and none of them being the school I currently attend or have ever attended. Wait a minute… and this t-shirt is my brother’s.